If you are contemplating a project that involves brick, tile, ceramic, or stone you’ll need an expert mason to get the job done as working with these materials takes a great amount of experience. India Masons helps you connect to the masons directly.
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The tile laying sector is not organized and the tilers are not formally trained in our country. Though the construction industry has grown greatly in the last decade, contractors are hindered by poor quality tiling.

In spite of the fact that India produces world class tiles, when it comes to laying of tiles our tilers are abysmally ill-trained leading to poor quality laying, shabby finishing and wastage of material and time.

Training of Tilers is vital to overcome the shortcomings being faced by the stakeholders in the industry which can be summarized as:-

  1. Highly un-organized building material industry
  2. Lack of trained masons/ Tilers.
  3. Non-usage of right equipments resulting into bad workmanship and very long delivery time
  4. Uninformed consumers unsure of what to expect
  5. Lack of initiative from the construction industry

Improved quality of final product by 100%
Wastage Reduced by 50%
Improves efficiency of tile layer by 30%
Reduction in usage of Cement/Adhesive by 25%

Ameya Says

Empowering the unskilled youth and reviving the traditional skills of our country will accelerate India’s economic growth.